Income Opportunity

There are multiple opportunities for generating an income. This is much like a smorgasbord. You have the power to choose which, is the right combination for you. You can participate in any one or multiple opportunities within the network all at the same time. It is all up to you and the amount of income you want to earn.

We are talking about a business within a business. It may be difficult to grasp all of the possibilities for generating income. Please do not hesitate to contact me to get your questions answered and understand all we are offering here. I truly believe, if you understand the scope of what we are working with, we have something for everybody. Ask for my help in designing a solution that is customized and right for you.


Some of the possibilities are as follows:

E-Commerce Income

The income you generate from the outstanding E-commerce education you generate can very easily replace a full time income working part time.

Direct Sales Commission

You will receive a direct sales commission of 10% of every upgrade package you personally sell regardless of the level you started at, whether to a business associate or a retail customer. IE: if you sell the $100 package, you will receive $10 as a direct sales commission.

If you sell a $5500 educational package, you will receive a $550 direct sales commission.  (this is one of the most popular package because of the education and the coin back reward.)


Network Bonus

As a network member, should you choose to participate, you will receive another 10% of you total team volume based on your weaker leg. We will discuss this at a later date should you decide this is an option for you. Just know this can grow to be a nice income in and of itself.


Matching Bonus

As a network builder, you can qualify for the matching bonus which is calculated on the total sales volume of all those who are directly sponsored by you. Again this can generate an amazing income should you choose to participate as a network builder.

Leadership Bonus

Should you decide you would like to build a network, there are leadership bonuses that are very lucrative. As a leader you can qualify for up to a 3% bonus base on the team you build.


As you build your business, the rewards you receive when you upgrade and the coin back rewards you receive for using your shopping APP will start to accumulate. 30% of your earned bonus will be paid in PROC and 70% will be paid in USD. Most members are holding on to their PROC with the understanding it has the potential of increasing in value as our program grows and becomes more main stream.

Bottom Line

There are numerous income opportunities available to you based on you chosen level of participation. It is all up to you to decide.

I am here to help you understand the possibilities and assist you in building your network if that is the direction you decide to take.

There has never been anything like this created in the past. Do yourself a favor and get all the information. We are truly changing lives

As my friend Bob says, “This is bigger than you think and better than you know.”