Educational Programs


Earn a Full Time Income Working Part Time

Our educational programs are tried and true programs everyday people just like you are using to build an online presents. This is your store and once you build it, it is yours. No one can take it away from you.

You decide how hard you want to work and how much money you want to make. Some people are generating a part time supplemental income and others are developing enough income to replace their income from a job. There are those who are surpassing the income from their job which is allowing them the freedom to spend more time with their family or other interests.

Which program is right for you?

When you merge the educational programs with Crypto Currency and the “Network”, you have just tapped into 4 of the biggest emerging trends of our times. E-Learning, E-Commerce, E-Rewards, and E-Currency.

On top of all that, when you purchase one of our programs, you will receive up to a 110% cash back reward in the form of Crypto Currency.

What an amazing way to get involved in the world of crypto-Currency.


Education Program Packages


Our Basic package is powered by the Ecom Product Blueprint. It provides the foundation for a strong Ecom store and allows our members to automate much of the hassle associated with running an online store.

First time users will benefit from the structured step-by-step instruction, Automated Marketing, Group Buying Power, Daily Product Updates and more!

This product includes:
Ecom-Product Blueprint
Price: $100 USD


Our Intermediate package brings invaluable insight and tools to our members who have already built a strong Ecom foundation using the basic package.

Take full advantage of Best Seller Rankings, Competition Insights, a full fledged Mobile Scan Tool, Reverse Product Search and more!

This product includes:
Ecom Product Blueprint

Price: $500 USD


The Accelerated package focuses on the setup and operation of a Shopify storefront, Shopify is a top-rated, high-converting, and reasonably priced Ecom platform.

Take control of the most powerful and popular ecom platform on Earth! This package includes Shopify setup, Theme, Sales Pages, Branding, and the all powerful Drop Shipping!

This Package Includes:
Ecom Product Blueprint
Ecom Jam

Price: $2000 USD


The Advanced package incorporates advanced business strategies from social, tracking, promotion, and branding. This package helps bring members closer to business automation.

From social promotion on Facebook to mastering the Google Shopping platform, this package level empowers our users with the knowledge to build and convert winning funnels.

This package includes:
Ecom Product Blueprint
Ecom Jam
Ecom Pro Academy

Price: $3000 USD


Our Professional package brings the full power of Ecom to the hands of our members with highly detailed training on Amazon store management and success.

Conquer the mother of all affiliate sales funnels, Amazon! This package elevates our users with the Advanced Suite of Amazon selling techniques, build an affiliate network from the ground up!

The Professional Package Includes:
Ecom Product Blueprint
Ecom Jam
Ecom Pro Academy
Elite Amazon Training

Price: $6000 USD

All of the packages come with up to a 110% coin back rebate in the form of PROC


Our top three eProfit System Packages; Accelerated, Advanced, and Professional, all include access to the ibuyrite STORE OWNER Program.

Full service done for you store management.

The ibuyrite STORE OWNER Program is perfect for Individuals, Small Brick and Mortar Stores, Charities, Fundraisers, Schools etc. YOU could benefit from Promoting and establishing your OWN BRAND name, access the best BRANDS on the planet and generate profits by having your own online store having people Shopping in your store. Sending weekly Deals and receiving daily commissions, Change your life forever by joining the online store Revolution. Get your STORE today without the normal headaches and enormous investment required.

The IBuyrite platform is included in all three of the top 3 packages.

How do I Get Started and Get More Information

To get started on the road to success, simply sign up for a FREE account by going to this web page and clicking on the Get Started tab in the upper right hand corner. It cost you nothing to get all the information. Once you have become a member of the network, I will personally guide you through picking the right program based on your needs and income desires.